BEARING GIFTS: Transport Infrastructure Minister Andrew Constance on Friday announced $150 million for Newcastle’s city centre.

Too scared to face the voters? (“City’s $150m boost”, Herald,26/8). Some find the fact that all announcements on Newcastle’s future only occur at property council or similar pro-Hunter development soireesa little galling, not to mentionpredictable.

We have so “generously”been given an extra $150 millionto fix “unforeseen problems”.If MrConstanceinsisted on following Transport for NSWadvice, via document 77he could save we taxpayers $100 million. We would have public transportwhere we want it, saving untold heartache to small business owners and commuters alike. Put public transport where it should be: in the transport corridor!

I wonder if MrConstance reads opinion in theHerald?

Tony Lawler, NewcastleA GOOD JOBIS NEVER FINISHEDMUCH is written each day in the Newcastle Herald about the damage to buildings in the East End due to road works and preparation for the Newcastle Supercar Race in November this year (“Concerns for historic East End homes”,Herald26/8). This will no doubt continue forever. Work on the roads, cars racing by, and people walking around as well as potential deafness and so on.

Meanwhile, the post office building continues to fall into massive decay and daily destruction without receiving anywhere near as much publicity as the anti-Supercar group are receiving on a daily basis.

The post office is part of Newcastle’s East End. So arethe railway stationand many private buildings, all of which are not receiving any publicity. Newcastle East End is a small placeand, like in the Civic and West End, work is underway to improve our city. We all have to face some inconvenience at times.Hopefully, it means improvement. And that is important to me,our children and our grandchildren.

John Freund,Adamstown HeightsNO WHINE, JUST ANGERTHIS is an angry letter. This is not a whinge or a whine it is an angry expression of frustration. As a resident of Newcastle East for 30 I think I have every right to be angry. My land rates have skyrocketed and my quality of life has plummeted. My suburb is a construction zone. My phone line has been cut. I am unable to walk around without being subjected to noise and dirt. I am unable to enjoy the parkland where I usually take my grandchildren. Traffic is a nightmare especially on weekends.

To add insult to injury I am bombarded with propaganda: flyers with glossy pictures thatbear no resemblance to reality; signage which contains Orwellian Doublespeak.

I believe Newcastle CityCouncil and Destination NSW have betrayed the citizens of Newcastle East and sold their souls to Mammon.

Jennifer O’Donoghue, Newcastle NOT EVERYONE TAKES A SIDECONGRATULATIONSto Dr Katherine Harper (“Everyone is expecting me to vote yesbut I won’t be”,Herald25/8) This was a well argued and sensible comment on same-sex marriage.

I well accept people’s concern for the huge expense of running the postal vote on this question. But why should we allow politicians to decideby a consciencevotefor anyimportant question? Who cares about their biases, opinions and secret prejudices? After all, they were elected to the house of representatives to representthe views and values of their electorate, not themselves.

Many people believethat we have had enough debate already, but we actually have had very little debate.It’s mostly been talk by either religious conservatives, who say the world will come to an end if you vote yes, or it’s talk by gay activists who wrongly claim that if you vote noyou’re homophobic.The vast majority of people and views in between have been left out and ignored. Until 10 years ago, it seems almost no-one in the gay community cared one way or another about gay marriage.Now they can’t live without it. Yes, love is love,but marriage is a different question. Give the people a direct vote.

Peter Devey,MerewetherUSELESSLAYER TOMYSTERYIT has taken three long years but at last it has been revealed that missing boyWilliam Tyrrell was in foster care when he was taken from his home in Kendall (“William was in foster care”,Herald26/8). Authorities have steadfastly refused to let the truth be known to the n public, creating a situation in which “the public has admittedly been given to think that [his] carers are his parents”and preventing the identity of William’s biological parents to be made known.

It has taken the dedication of Facebook group W4W Walking Warriors and the fair judgment of the Supreme Court of NSW and JusticeBrereton to finally let the truth be published by the media, which has previously been threatened with criminal conviction if they did so. Endangered and missing children are everybody’s responsibility and I believe there should be no secrecy surrounding them that could possibly hinder their safe return or well-being.

It’s not just the NSW government who should take the blame for the wrongful decisions regarding this matter.Our leader, Malcolm Turnbull, would have known the truth but did nothing to put the matter right. Makes you wonder what other secrets the n government is hiding from us.

Margaret Priest, WallsendTRAFFIC KEEPS ON TRUCKINGIN follow to my letter about dangerous Sandgate Road (Letters 10/8), Sonia Hornery took my concerns to Newcastle City Council. I have just received a reply from acting director infrastructure Ken Liddell. It states, in a nutshell, that the council conducted a traffic survey on Sandgate Road, north of Mawson Street, in May 2016. The survey result indicated that the average daily traffic volume on Sandgate Roadis 8990 vehicles, 4.7 per centheavy vehicles.

Mr Liddell goes on to state asimilar traffic survey in 2004 indicated that the average daily traffic volume at that time was 12,000 vehicles consisting of 9 per centheavy vehicles. The reply concludes that acomparison of the two survey results indicatesthat the average daily traffic volume on Sandgate Roadhas reduced by 25 per cent, with the average daily heavy vehicle volume reducing by around 50 per cent, over the last decade.

All I can say islive on it.Try and cross it, try to get out of your driveway. We do not need an alarm to wake you, we have compression brakes.

Ray Davidson,Birmingham Gardens

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