REWRITTEN: Debate continues over acknowledging more voices in n history. Ray Davidson says the past can help explain the present and guide the future.

I was just reading that nowCanadais now discussing the removal of certain monuments. We are all proud of our heritage, white, black, red, green, blue, yellow – whatever skin colour.

But why should we be held responsible for the sins of our fathers?Man’s nature is to explore; this is why our world is diverse as it is. We cannot change the past but we can learn from it.

Let’s not look at the negatives that these monuments worldwide represent, but the positives that far outweigh the negatives. Because of these people, we are what we are and where we are.

Ray Davidson,BirminghamGardensSEISMIC SHIFT IN POWERYou’ve got to ask yourself why on earth we need more gas projects in NSW, let alone. (“Application deadline for seismic testing off Newcastlecoast extended”, Herald 24/8).AGL, the biggest supplier of gas to NSW is progressively walking away from its’ business of gas supply because of lack of demand for the resource.

We know that gas is not the energy choice of most consumers because it is too expensive.We know it will never be cheap again, especially as we now have the safe technology for affordable wind and solar energy.Gas and oil extracted from the sea floor has a very sad and sorry history.

Where is the public benefit in Asset Energy’s proposal? Their seismic testing should not take place.

Claire Charles, StocktonNO EXCUSE TO STAY SILENT”If you don’t like the way the country is going do something,” say Christopher Pyne and Tony Abbott. They add vote no.

Postal Survey! Budget cuts! Fiscal responsibility! $120 million plus spent on a survey. Taxpayers paying legal fees for dual citizen politicians costing who knows what.

Think what this money could be spent on, and contact your representatives. They should be doing their jobs, not scoring cheap points off each other.

Shame on you all.

If this strikes a chord email, write ortext your representative today. They must answer all correspondence. Give them the poll before the date save the money.

Lyn Rendle,RankinParkPROTECT FAMILY STORIESI have a strange feeling that very soon I along with lots of others born in will be without any family history.I cannot comprehend that a couple of hundred years of having my relatives born here will be wiped out.

Here’s what happened for me and others, even though some Dutch sailors had come ashore in W.A. and hammered a tin plate on a tree.Captain Jim Cook sailed around the East coast of what is now known as .

The British emptied out their prisons, with some of my first relatives arrivingwith the second fleet and later prison ships. One of them (the second Fleeter) eventually gained his ticket of leave, meeting my great (5 times) grandmother at Nobby’s.

They were married in the parish ofChristChurchup on the hill in Newcastle.Thus I have a family history which stretches back to the very early 1800s.

I have proof of this by way of government records, and that was just onmum’s side.

In conclusion I and others have ancestors withdefinite history in. The pathetic outcry of late that we remove some of our history is definitely not on.

I have no Aboriginal blood, but the blood I bleed is Aussie through and through.I want the truth in regard to the indigenous people to be heard and changes made as necessary, but don’t take away my family history.

These things really happened.I do not intend that my comments offend any person reading this, but theseare facts.

Wal Remington,TingiraHeightsSTANDING UP ON STALIN SLURQuite recently the Prime Minister, Mr Turnbull, made the claim that pulling down statues is a sign of “Stalinism”. I take issue with this, as it seems to reflect a muddled view of history. In fact, Stalinist regimes including North Korea, with a personality cult built around the Supreme Leader, are fond of putting up huge statues of themselves. It is the democratic regime that follows, usually friendly to the west, that sets about removing those statues asabhorrent reminders of grim times. Remember the fall of communism in 1989, and the invasion of Iraq in 2003?The toppling of the huge statue of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad is memorable. What does Mr Turnbull suggest should have been donehere? The local people often have their own way, which has nothing to do with Stalinism. That’s just a slur.

Mati Morel,ThorntonFAITH DESERVES A VOICEJacqueline Haines (“Line crossed when religious belief defines social policy”, Herald 29/8) asks whether religion or society should define the boundaries of our culture and our laws.But religion forms part of the fabric of society; religion and society are not mutually exclusive.Religious opinion, says Jacqueline, should not impose belief over others or dictate public policy.Democracy however means everyone is free to try to impose belief and dictate public policy by peaceful means.Why should the religious have to abandon the public square but not atheists like Jacqueline?Why should she be free to try to impose her beliefs and dictate public policy but not believers?Wilberforce, Martin Luther King and other religiously inspired social reformers did not divorce their faith from society.

Jacqueline objects to the Catholic Church threatening employees in future same-sex ‘marriages’ with dismissal.What about News Corp journalist Shannon Molloy, forced to resign from the board of the New South Wales Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby after a social media campaign protesting his participation based on who employed him?

On one point I agree: “a ‘no’ vote (in the marriage plebiscite) may seem attractive if you are concerned about the unintended consequences change may bring”.

Peter Dolan,LambtonKEEP THE STATUS QUOIn answer to your editorial (“Politics of the unpopular postal plebiscite”, Herald 29/8): changing marriage is a constitutional matter. That is why it should have gone to a referendum at the 2016 federal election. It didn’t because Labor, for political advantage, would notlet it. Sex between two men or two women can’t create a child. That is why marriage is between a man and a woman and why I believe it should remain so.

Clive Jensen,Merewether

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