I GET that indigenous ns are offended by Day and statues representing Captain Cook et al, but we can’t move forward if people are focused on the past and keep looking back in anger. We are not to blame for what our ancestors did, just like we can’t blame modern Germany or Cambodia for Hitler and Pol Pot. Please let’s just all move forward in peace as one nation.

Debra Forbes,WickhamI SINCERELYhope the lecturer and students recover fully from the horrific attack at ANU (“Students praised for actions in bat attack”, Herald 26/8). But I have to say the two years I spent studying statistics for my accountancy degree never incited violence, just total soporific boredom. I’m still coming to terms as to why a statistics course would cause someone to behave in this manner. I can only assume his J curve fell below the accepted median.

Ann Ellis,MerewetherLAW is law. If I for any reason misinformedmyemployer on any grounds on my application it could lead to instant dismissal. But we are talking of constitution, of national security, of this Commonwealth. How do a few peoplechange Commonwealth constitution? Sir John Kerr had to get the head ofstateto sack a Prime Minister. as a whole, in my eyes, is open. I feel for the generations to come.

Michael Casey,MerewetherIF our politicians are required to be n citizens,and rightly so, how come our head of state is a foreigner who lives thousands of miles away and visits once every blue moon? Should there not be a requirement of our head of state to be n?

Michael Maher,EleebanaWith all due respect Tom Edwards (Short Takes 26/8): n marriage laws are made by the Parliament. The last time they were changed was by John Howard and the Parliament at the time. The current debate will still have to be resolved by Parliament regardless what the postal survey reveals . I hope you vote yes the next time this government can’t make a decision.

Andrew Whitbread-Brown, Cardiff HeightsLesField’s letter regarding The Store building was published under the heading “It’sa tragedy, but it’s over” (Letters 24/8). This also applies to the former post office. After years of neglect by former and currentowners is it salvageable?

Lynne Jones,IslingtonThe mayor of Newcastle wants to stop having photos taken with whoever visits and do something about all the rubbish that accumulates at the public bus stops near the University of Newcastle . It is a bloody shame we have to sit in such filth while waiting for a bus that might come.

Kathleen Whyte,Waratah WestTHE POLLSAre ticket resale sites a problem?

Yes, 98.3%, No, 1.7%Should councils weigh in on the same-sex marriage debate?

Yes, 26.7%, No, 73.3%

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