Regarding Williamtown’s contaminated red zone (“Hopes ‘shattered’as cancer toll reaches 49”, Herald 25/8)I am so saddened to continue to read about the plight of those whose lives have been shattered in so many different ways by the PFOS contamination. Yet there is a deafening silence from the government. It is of little help, but my thoughts are with you all daily.

Mark Burslem, NewcastleEastI am confused about theNewcastlePost Office debacle. I believe it is one of the most iconic and beautiful buildings inNewcastle. Assuming Awabakal is funded by the tax payer and it was given to them for free, why can they be allowed to sell it? How many times do we have to pay for this before we spend the money to restore it?

Mark Dultry, MerewetherWhen visiting the Medicare office, do not put a foot out of place. Take one step forward off the red mat and see what dire consequences behold you.

Kathie Anthony,WaratahIn reply to Richard Ryan(Short Takes 26/8),why should dual citizens be allowed to vote in the first place to electpoliticians into Parliament? It should only be citizens with a single citizenship, i.e. ns only, choosing our leaders.

June Fletcher,West WallsendI’m so glad that I’m not the only person who thinks that we will be moving forward as one nation (Short Takes, 29/8). We all have history, some good, some not so good. Please let us all move on together.

Jan Burt,CharlestownGuilt money, Mr. Constance (“City’s $150m boost”, Herald 26/17),for killing the priceless advantage of our intercity rail corridor with the coast?$150m is peanuts compared to the real wealth smart intercity use would bring usday in,day out.

Graeme Tychsen, RankinParkIt seems that the latest craze is salted caramel.Perhaps it won’t be too long (heaven forbid) to go pet food. If that happens I’ve assured my cat that she won’t be subjected to it.Don’t get me wrong – I rather like the flavour (in moderation.)

Daphne Hughes,KahibahI was horrified to read in Elise Pfeiffer’s article (“Are we creating a new Stolen Generation?”, Singleton Argus 22/8)about young Indigenous children being ripped from their grandparents’ arms and care by Family and Community Services.I fail to see that there are any circumstances that warrant such abuse of the rights of the child.Who are the people who give these orders? Who are the workers who carry out such traumatising acts?I feel sickened and ashamed that forced child removal is still happening here in 2017.The Stolen Generations continue.

Marion Giles,HamiltonMESSAGE BOARDn Republic Movement national director and formerspeechwriter for Prime Minister Julia Gillard Michael Cooney will discuss how the country can make the move towards independence a reality at Foghorn Brewhouse on King Street from 7pm on Thursday. RSVP is essential. More information at republic苏州桑拿.au/foghorn_31aug

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